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Astondoa’s Centennial Celebration and Coupe 655 Debut | 01.08.2016

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Over 350 guests—family, friends and clients, as well as international press from the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East traveled to the Alicante region of Spain to join in an “immersion experience” of the area’s culture, seeped in marine construction and complemented by a gastronomical tour of the finest local produce, seafood and culinary specialties. The extended Astondoa family, led by the third generation Chief Executive Officer, Jesus Astondoa, hosted the weekend extravaganza, which exuded warmth, emotion and pride in achieving 100 years of success and creating thousands of delighted customers.

On Friday, guests were invited to a launch of the new book, Astondoa – 100 Years of Cruising, at the family- owned Axion Cinemas. The beautiful coffee table book’s visual history was introduced through an artistically produced video that traced the history of the “Astilleros” or shipyard, from its storied beginnings to its status today as Spain’s largest and leading shipyard. A new website, Astondoa.com , was revealed during the weekend to further convey the story of the company’s history, growth, accomplishments and delivery of nearly 3,000 yachts. Over 150 employees shared in the celebration, some with 20-30 years of dedication, representing generations of affiliation with the Astondoa family business.

A multi-course welcome dinner at the family-owned Restaurante Varadero, prepared by renowned seven-star Michelin Chef Martin Berazategui, escorted guests into the Spanish milieu. From appetizers to desserts and after-dinner drinks, the finest of the region was showcased in the menu and was followed by top quality Spanish entertainment, provided by an opening comedy act and the Latin music of the popular Formula 5 band.

On Saturday morning, a tour of the shipyard’s 20,000 m2 facilities validated Astondoa’s reputation for producing bespoke boats that reflect the owner’s desires and style. The customization is possible through the skills of in-house designers, engineers, artisans and craftsmen. Their work was demonstrated by the unveiling of the new Astondoa 655 Coupe that will be seen in the U.S. later this summer or early fall.While the new 655 Coupe shows stellar examples of lifestyle boating, complete with the outside oriented, multiple sun pads and huge windows that allow the sunlight to shine through to the helm, saloon, and galley. The modern interior, designed by Cristiano Gatto, shows that the elegance of the 110’ Astondoa Century could be carried into a smaller yacht without losing a touch of personalization, quality or styling.

True to Spanish culture, a bountiful lunch was followed by an equally sumptuous dinner at Restaurante Varadero where dancing to the sultry Latin sounds of the renowned band, Café Quijano, gave some an opportunity to burn some calories.

Sunday’s tour of the Astondoa Marina Miramar showcased a range of the historic, classic and modern models, from 15’-95’ and demonstrated the growth and progress of the three generations of the Astondoa family who built the business together with the skill of dedicated workers who are the backbone of the industry. An on-stage introduction of the entire Astondoa family was emotional for the family members and guests alike.

At the Astilleros’ Technological Center, guests viewed Spain marine’s largest 5-axis CNC machine, plus the
3-D printer that help create each Astondoa. Old World artisan skills combined with the latest technology enable a hull to be shaped in approximately 40 hours as demonstrated by the 65’ Fly hull, which was in progress during the tour.

As the event began, it so ended with a lavish, 8-course farewell lunch featuring native paella and local seafood; each guest left the weekend feeling entertained, informed and extremely well-fed in traditional Spanish style.

The Century Celebration reinforced the message that has been conveyed since the 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show where the totally customized 80 GLX made its statement about the constant reinvention of the Astondoa brand. The debut of the Astondoa Century 110 at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show continued the legacy and the recognition that Astondoa was prepared for the next 100 years, to continue to build customized yachts for discerning customers.

The Astondoa 655 Coupe will be displayed at the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and will demonstrate how the philosophy of the Astondoa family will continue to be seen in each of its customized models.

“We are so proud to be the representative of this fine family and its yachts,” said David Galante of G Marine, “But more than the representative, we see ourselves as an extension of the Astondoa Astilleros.

Working together with the shipyard’s team has yielded a new generation of yachts that have started a revolution. The after-sales and service is seamless due to the close relationship between owners, shipyard and dealer. It is amazing to be a part of the history of Astondoa as we create a future together,” he added.