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Our ships are the result of 100 years of experience. To date, four generations have witnessed the production of Astondoa boats. Throughout the years, we have remained firmly committed to technology, and our foundation has been based on design and innovation.

Part of our philosophy is to make sure that everything meets the highest quality standards, which is why we perform every task in our shipyard. All the woodwork, mechanical, polyester and upholstery processes are carried out by our own staff.

Building an Astondoa boat requires passion and commitment. Every ship is completely designed according to the preferences and needs of each customer. Every ship is unique and custom-made with an attention to detail. Just like no two people are alike, no two Astondoas are alike either.

After many years in the industry, we have focused our operations on what we do best: building custom-made yachts. We do not aim to build thousands of boats because we have already done that. The complete satisfaction of a limited number of demanding customers gives meaning to our work. Only people who want individuality, quality and exclusivity can value an Astondoa.


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ASTONDOA’s history in the nautical world began in 1916 when the brothers Jesús and José Astondoa Martínez started building rowboats and traineras in a small carpenter’s workshop in Portugalete. After a logical pause due to the Spanish Civil War, they decided to take different paths, and Jesús Astondoa focused on building fishing ships and recreational boats. In 1944, his son Jesús Astondoa Santamaría joined the family business and took over the shipyard shortly thereafter. Astondoa’s well-made wooden boats and quality finishes allowed the shipyard to gain national recognition. These were the first steps.

Once the company had established itself on the east coast, his children, the third Astondoa generation, also joined the shipyard. In the early 1980s, Astondoa stepped away from its traditional wooden production methods and began building boats using polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass. These advances in production techniques, combined with its stylish designs, confirmed Astondoa’s position as a leading European shipyard. The company’s presence at international trade fairs, as well as a number of awards for its quality, drove an industrial development that continues to this day.

Ships from more than 30 years ago, like those of the GLX range, continue to be references for design. In 2006, with more than 500 employees, the Astondoa Group had the most extensive range of vessels manufactured by a single brand on the market. Its products include 40-foot Open boats, yachts over 120-feet long made of polyester resin reinforced with fibreglass, and megayachts up to 45-metres long with steel hulls and aluminium superstructures.
During the company’s 100-year history, Astondoa has built more than 3,000 vessels. Today, the Astondoa family remains at the wheel of the shipyard. They have been able to overcome a century’s worth of challenges thanks to values that include hard work and quality, and four generations of yacht manufacturers have made the wise decision to focus on professionalism, reliability and quality.


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Astilleros Astondoa can be found in Santa Pola, at a spectacular seafront location. Only a 10-minute drive from Alicante’s international airport, the shipyard covers an area of more than 30,000 m2 and exclusively focuses on building yachts longer than 122 feet.
The entire production process takes place inside the shipyard. The design phase, which is the most important step when creating a ship, is done by our team of designers with the supervision of our engineers.
Astondoa has an extraordinary workforce that develops every boat according to the needs of each owner. Individual prototypes are made with the latest CAD-CAM technology. Using a 5-axis milling machine, the largest in Spain for boat construction, Astondoa is able to create detailed 1:1 models at its own facility. By applying processes that have been defined at the shipyard, these models are transformed into moulds that are used to build the vessels.
Astondoa has industrial facilities that only work with polyester and manufacture all the ship parts separately using the latest techniques, such as vacuum infusion processes.

In the woodworking unit, our skilled craftsmen transform natural teak trunks into gorgeous sheets that are used to make the floors of our ships or to build all types of nautical furniture for ship interiors, but always with a focus on the needs of each owner. Our mechanical department shapes metals such as iron, bronze and steel using electronic equipment.
The skilled lathe operators and welders are able to create, adjust and position every part according to the technical requirements of each vessel. Upholsterers work with the finest leathers for gorgeous and comfortable finishes. Every Astondoa ship passes through the hands of more than 150 experts who take great pains and put forth all their effort and knowledge into each part. This makes every Astondoa vessel a unique jewel.

The shipyard has a large careening area for stowing ships, a 15-tonne crane for handling smaller boats, and a Travelift for launching ships that weigh up to 150 tonnes. There is also a painting facility for boats up to 40 metres long, and special structures are built to paint larger vessels.
These facilities are used to manufacture new vessels as well as to perform maintenance and refitting tasks on existing ones. The management and administration units are also located in Santa Pola.
We have two additional facilities that are strategically located in the peninsula. One is in Gador (Almería), and it builds the Faeton yachts ranching from 7 metres to 11 metres, and the other is in Almansa (Albacete), and it manufactures the Astondoa models under 16 metres. The Classyc division is also located in Almansa, and it meticulously builds all the furniture for our yachts, which are known for their unique and handcrafted designs.
Our employees represent one of Astondoa’s most important assets: its human capital.


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The Astondoa Group’s facilities include Marina Astondoa, which is located adjacent to our shipyard. This is a luxury for customers because it provides a convenient location in which to receive our services. The facility has 40 berths that are available when technical support is provided or as a courtesy to anyone who owns an Astondoa boat.

Astondoa is aware of the shortage of berths in this industry, which is why it has created Marina Miramar, a company that builds and operates new marinas.

The company’s first project is called Marina Miramar, a nautical sports complex for mooring ships up to 50-metres long. It has a total of 260 berths as well as restaurants, cafeterias, a car park and retail space for port services. Its innovative design and quality materials have made it a top nautical infrastructure in Spain.


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Astondoa has a technology centre in Santa Pola that studies and designs its new vessels. Thanks to a thorough analysis and development, designers create new models with the support of their team of engineers. Every boat, shape and detail undergoes hundreds of hours of analysis to create the best lines for each model.
Astondoa is an active member of national technology centres that provide comprehensive solutions, r&d&i projects, technology services, competitive intelligence and training.
In order to optimise research efforts, the shipyard uses high-tech equipment such as state-of-the-art 3D printers. It also owns Spain’s largest five-axis machining centre specialised in building ships. All the models and moulds used to manufacture Astondoa ships are made at this facility.

Astondoa has been one of the first European manufacturers to implement this infusion-based mass construction system that allows a homogeneous and precise resin application. The process is done in a vacuum in order to perfectly distribute the resin, resulting in optimised space, flexibility and weight. Some of the research efforts at the shipyard focus on studying the performance of new composites and synthetic fibres, such as carbon, Kevlar and titanium.

These studies make it possible to create lighter hulls that are more resistant compared to conventional alternatives, resulting in lower fuel consumption and faster boats. The low weights are achieved without sacrificing resistance or durability. In addition, these production processes do not release contaminants into the environment.
This focus on the environment has led the Astondoa Group to partner with the Miguel Hernandez University in Elche for a number of studies on the environmental impact of boat construction as well as environmental studies on recreational boats and the sea. Proof of this commitment to the environment is the company’s involvement in the Tabarca Limpia project, which is aimed at cleaning the water and the seabed of Tabarca Island.


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At Astondoa, we focus all our efforts on guaranteeing the quality of our boats as well as on optimal after-sales service. Our exclusive Astondoa Service programme begins before a boat is delivered to a customer. Each ship undergoes rigorous control tests in which every technical parameter is verified and analysed according to a checking process that is performed at the shipyard before the unit is delivered.

All Astondoa ships and yachts include an exclusive periodic maintenance programme that can be carried out at our own facilities or at authorised Astondoa distributors and service providers. For the peace of mind of our customers, Astondoa ships come with a five-year warranty that covers osmosis and structural damage to the hull.

Our boats and yachts include a comprehensive two-year warranty against all construction defects, as per the European Union’s existing law on warranties. With the Astondoa International Care programme, the company is able to provide additional services anywhere in the world. This is an added value of the warranty, and it is offered thanks to an extensive sales and technical service network that covers the five continents.

All Astondoa ships have European approval certificates that are issued by a number of internationally renowned companies, such as RINA or Germanischer Lloyd.
In addition, Astondoa offers a refit service that handles the process of refitting boats and yachts according to the new requirements and needs of customers. Our ships are known for remaining in excellent condition, year after year. Many of our designs are considered to be timeless classics, but since needs change, we are able to refit any boat to meet the requests of individual owners. We modify, repair, design, refit or add parts, equipment and furniture to older ships according to the user’s specifications and preferences. Aside from Astondoa buyers, many shipowners of other brands also take advantage of this service.


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